Terms and Conditions
Collection and Disclosure of Information:
I hereby authorize all secondary schools, educational entities and athletics organizations including but not limited to athletics clubs, teams, tournaments, sanctioning bodies, or other entities with knowledge of my athletics participation history, at which I have taken academic courses and/or participated in athletics activities, to release to my transcripts, proof of graduation, diagnoses of any education-impacting disabilities, accommodations provided or approved and other information related to any education-impacting disabilities in all the secondary and post-secondary schools, and any other academic or school-related information or records and information about my sports-participation history, including but not limited to contracts, professional sports league drafts, agent contracts or agreements, prize money, salary, athletics practices, tryouts or athletics participation with professional athletes or benefits received as requested by for the purpose of determining my initial eligibility to do college sport.
I hereby authorize CollegeGolf.US to release all information submitted by me or on my behalf, including personally identifiable information to any testing service whose test scores are included in my records (e.g., ACT or ETS); my secondary schools; any entity where I have taken academic courses or participated in athletics activities, to any athletics clubs, teams, tournaments, sanctioning bodies or other entities with knowledge of my athletics participation history, and to all Colleges (or entities representing a College or University) requesting my eligibility information, to the extent that such information is necessary to report, verify or review my athletics eligibility and/or to ensure the completeness and validity of my academic credentials and athletics participation history. I also authorize CollegeGolf.US to disclose all information collected about me, including personally identifiable information from my educational records to a third party (including but not limited to the media) as necessary to correct any inaccuracies reported by the media or related to my preliminary or final certification decisions, without such disclosure constituting a violation of my rights, including my rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Should a question arise concerning the validity of my college entrance exam score(s), I authorize ACT and/or ETS to release and discuss any information regarding the validity of said test scores with CollegeGolf.US.

Use of Personal Information:
I understand and agree to allow CollegeGolf.US to use information collected about my academic and athletics participation history to determine my initial eligibility to participate in college athletics. I understand and agree that CollegeGolf.US may use the information collected for other purposes related to the certification of my initial eligibility including but not limited to confirming the validity of academic credentials and/or applying and enforcing NCAA bylaws.
I further understand and agree that the information provided to may be used for CollegeGolf.US research concerning athletics eligibility, the academic preparation and performance of student-athletes, and other related research purposes. I also understand and agree that such research may be published or distributed to third parties, but that I will not be identified in any such published or distributed data. I also agree that the CollegeGolf.US or entities authorized by the CollegeGolf.US may contact me with information pertaining to the CollegeGolf.US, college competition, or college preparation and attendance.
I understand that CollegeGolf.US may disclose the information collected about me or my eligibility status to any colleges or universities that requests it.
I understand CollegeGolf.US will not send my eligibility information at my request; rather, the institution must make the request for that information.
Please note CollegeGolf.US may share information obtained from the student during the CollegeGolf.US’s registration process that constitutes possible violations of NCAA or other organizations bylaws.

Release of Liability:
I understand that in the event an error occurs in handling, processing, assessing or evaluating registration documents, academic records, athletics participation information, or any other information used by CollegeGolf.US, CollegeGolf.US will take reasonable steps to correct the error. I am aware that an incorrect evaluation of initial eligibility is often the result of invalid, outdated, incomplete or fraudulent information provided by college-bound student-athletes, academic institutions, high schools, athletics teams or clubs, tournaments, sanctioning bodies or other related entities. I understand and agree that CollegeGolf.US are under no duty to authenticate the validity or accuracy of academic or athletics participation records submitted by academic institutions, the applicant or otherwise collected by CollegeGolf.US. I also understand that the participation in collegiate athletics is a privilege and not a legal entitlement and the initial-eligibility certification process is a pre-condition to participation in collegiate athletics.
I understand and agree that to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event is CollegeGolf.US liable for any special, incidental, indirect, exemplary or consequential damages resulting from incorrect evaluation of initial-eligibility status.
I hereby release and hold harmless for all liability and claims arising from or out of my submission of any personal, academic and/or athletics participation information provided as part of the registration process for initial-eligibility certification, which commences with the execution of this release. I also release and hold harmless CollegeGolf.US from the use of, evaluation of, disclosure of, and/or dissemination of any information provided by me or by others concerning my academic credentials and/or athletics participation history, including but not limited to the NCAA or other organizations ruling on my eligibility for participation in NCAA or other organizations athletics; the timing of such evaluation of my eligibility status; and the use of my academic records and/or athletics participation information by the college/university institutions and other outside parties.
Refund Policy for Fees:
All fees are nonrefundable after successful registration.
In the event a duplicate registration was completed and duplicate payment was processed, you may be eligible for a refund of the duplicate registration fee(s).  A completed refund request must be sent to CollegeGolf.US for consideration.   No refunds will be given due to nonparticipation or disinterest at a college or university.